Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

student development

The Student Development grouping is comprised of the Office of Student Activities & Community Service, the Fitness Center, Transition Services, the Women’s Resource Center and Veteran Services. Our primary objective is to partner with faculty and staff to empower and support students by helping them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive during their time at GCC and beyond.

We work individually and collectively to provide opportunities for leadership, one on one relationships and participation in group building activities and programs that facilitate and support health and wellness allowing students to reach their potential, emotionally, socially and academically.

Student Development Programming Model/Guiding Principals

  • Appreciate diverse cultural, global, and individual perspectives (Diversity)
  • Demonstrate interpersonal, communication, and group skills (Community Building)
  • Cultivate habits and attitudes of self care in regard to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness (Social/Emotional Wellness)
  • Demonstrate civic knowledge and engagement (Civic Engagement/Service Learning)
  • Establish a well-reasoned educational and career path that includes the development of employment success skills (Career Planning and Development)
  • Think creatively and critically to address personal and educational challenges and opportunities (Critical Thinking)
  • Gain awareness of campus and community resources that enhance academic/social success and learn to navigate those resources. (Campus/Community Awareness)