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About the testing process

Test administration

The Computerized Placement Tests are taken on our computers in the Testing Center (room C110). We use the Classic version of the ACCUPLACER test created by the College Board (we will transition to the Next Generation ACCUPLACER tests in January 2019). Though no previous computer experience is required, it is helpful for students to be familiar with the computer keyboard and mouse. Because the tests are computer-based, you do not have to answer as many questions as on traditional paper and pencils tests. The number of questions ranges from 12 to 20 on each test. Questions appear one at a time on the computer screen and are multiple choice. You will have the chance to confirm your answer before moving on to the next question. You cannot, however, go back to a question once you have confirmed your answer. If you are stuck on a question, you may take your best guess and move on. There is no penalty for guessing.

Are the tests timed?

None of our tests are timed. Most students complete the tests in 90 minutes to 2 hours. You may have as much time as you need, even going home and resuming your test the next day if necessary.

What is an adaptive test?

Each test is designed using adaptive techniques. This means that the computer automatically determines which questions are presented to you based on the responses to your prior questions. This technique “zeroes in” on just the right questions to ask you without being to easy or too difficult. The greater your demonstrated skill level, the more challenging the questions presented.

Accommodations for disabilities

If you have a disability or a temporarily disabling condition and you would like an accommodation please contact our Office of Disability Services at (413) 775-1332, well in advance of the time you would like to take the placement tests. Other accommodations include “Zoom Text” software for those with visual impairments, screen reader software and testing alone in a quiet setting.

Score reporting

When you have completed all your tests, a report of your scores appears on the screen and a copy will be printed out for you. Your scores and personal information are all confidential. They will be used for counseling and placement purposes. They may be used by GCC, the College Board or Educational Testing Service for research purposes. (Your identity will NOT be connected to the scores.) Your scores will not be used for any other purpose without your permission.

Testing fees

There is no fee to take these tests.

What to bring on testing day

Please have a Photo ID and your GCC Student ID number when you arrive to take the test.  If you have already applied to GCC your Student ID number will be in your GCC Acceptance Letter. If you have not yet applied to GCC, we will create a GCC Student ID number for you when you come in to test. No notebooks, backpacks, dictionaries, calculators, cell phones or any other devices will be allowed into the testing lab with you. Scratch paper and pencils are provided for you. For math problems that require a calculator, one will be provided on your computer screen.