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Wandering and pondering


  No pleasure in meat, dairy, sugar, white flour, nor in novels, military history, science fiction, or organized religion. He’s not without reverence– Cecil Taylor, Allen Ginsberg, glacial erratics. He curses when he loses traction, skins his knee. “Age,” he tells the bathroom mirror, “is a state of mind. That Scott Nearing built a house...
Cholita en La Paz, Bolivia

70 Soles

   estremezco del brillo de cuerpo en cuerpo del brillo del frío de cuero de ante parezco sencillo soy cuerpo en cuerpo mi tribu me cerca son sobrevivientes y yo sobrevivo con tribu y cuerpo y bajo del combi ya sola de nuevo   Translation: I shiver from the shine of body on body from...
IMG_1272 Punching is fun

Dead Reputations

Bryan Brenneman via Compfight   He had been in a hell of a fight like being kicked twenty times in the head. Of course, he would know, like that time coming out of Driscoll’s, fighting those three guys from the flats, the tall one saying, This stupid shit won’t stay down. But they just didn’t...

Auto-suggested Smart Phone Poems

Here are some Auto-suggested Smart Phone Poems, which are written using the Notes app available in most smart phones. To create these kinds of poems, open the Notes app and proceed to “add a note.”  The text editor that pops up not only offers a keyboard but also auto-suggests three words.  Choose one of those words and another...
Topsail Beach, NC

The Lonely Zanate

  Look at the lonely Zanate, pecking at his own enamored reflection in the dusty window of the room where I slept for seven days in the house of my lover’s wife.   Dear lover of poetry, farmer, family man; what happens when the lonely Zanate pecks too hard at his own corrupted image? When...
Coffee Beans

What I Have From You

A jar of pork fat from the small pig your rancheros slaughtered for New Year’s Eve. El aceite del chancho, miraculously slid through Atlanta customs. The same nebulous color of the clouds of Peñas Blancas, suspended somewhere between a solid and a liquid.   A quart of coffee beans (we picked together in Mulukuku). Dark...
034e icy stream

Sawmill River

I can’t forget any part of it water tumbled its gush down the white-lined course trying to stay in boundaries of wood and rock mammoth juts of history teased my eyes along its busy track of black so even birds couldn’t land then a strong curve of power rushed under the bent branch spray played...
Little Wall of Adelaide

Aching Sawtooth & Other Haiku

  headless nails declawed hammer aching sawtooth * new health card break a leg outbreak of smiles * passionaectomy poisonberry soup gallstone fence * sculpted abs rottenstone belly chiseler’s mark * first gasp last legs back to back * overhead I underfoot * no prayer all morning kneeling bus
versos de amor.

Will Anyone Harbor a Broken Poetess?

    Book-skimming is a bit like brushing fingertips across the face of the ocean. You caress a page and probe no deeper. Turn to the art tomes when words go from chime-clear to brassy. By the window of the bookhaven perches the kind of woman you don’t ask for anything. You don’t ask because...
Round of applause !

Blade to the Wrist

He paints a picture with a slow precision Every stroke a product of his weighted thoughts He drags the brush across the canvas with a gasp and his breath rushes out making barely a whisper He is an artist who sits with one fist curled as he captures his pain inflicted by the world From...
Thor's fist#il pugno di Thor#65057#ep


The click, click of old Irish gold and wedding ring passed from nurse to hand, after a tug over a knuckle cracked and rooted in the past like an old ground stump.   Across the dance floor, at the Heidelberg bar, after a stranger’s slap to the ass of his wife, the fighter taught by...
waiting for the bus 2

Price of Beauty

What beautiful eyes you have. Look how gorgeous you are. Do you have a boyfriend? Oh, you’ll be a heartbreaker. Little girl grew up surrounded by praise, Words that kept her warm, even on rainy days. Looking in the mirror, she saw what they did, A beautiful girl, like you’d see in a vid. Nothing...