Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Faculty and Core Staff

OLP has a highly talented instructional staff with very muddy boots, including nationally certified instructor trainers, authors in the field, national champions, and international guides. They’re an unusually committed crew—some have worked for the program for 20 years! All of our instructors combine a high skill level in their specialty areas with a passion for teaching in the outdoors. In awarding national accreditation to OLP, the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) cited the outstanding commitment among its dozen part-time staff members as integral to the program’s success. Your OLP group will spend the whole year with several core instructors as well as with specialists who share their expertise for specific periods of time. By spending time with them, you’ll learn from their experience in the industry, their technical skills, as well as from their diverse teaching styles.

Bob Tremblay

OLP Coordinator

B.A., M.A. Prescott College, Adventure Education and Outdoor Recreation

N112 775-1126

A self-described “risk management geek,” Bob has dedicated his adult life to adventure education and has developed a wide variety of expert, outdoor skills including backpacking, winter camping, whitewater canoeing and expeditioning, ice climbing, caving, dog sledding, skiing, wilderness survival, and even llama trekking. “I am committed to connecting people of all ages to the natural world and to their inner selves. Through my career working with many thousands of students and customers over a 34-year period, I have been witness to the power our field has to affect change in participants. I am especially interested in using challenging outdoor activities as a modality for teaching students about environmental science and environmental issues.” Most recently, Bob taught Environmental Science and Outdoor Leadership at Narragansett High School in Baldwinville, Massachusetts. He acts as a mentor to graduate students at Prescott College in pursuit of graduate degrees and scholarly research in the fields of Adventure Education and Education, and brings entrepreneurship experience in the adventure industry as the prior President, Co-founder and Field Director for Mountain Lynx Outdoor Adventures in Ashburnham.

Kate Carcio

Kate Carcio brings an enthusiastic energy to the Outdoor Leadership Program, with a background in whitewater paddling and backcountry travel. She started her outdoor leadership career in 2000 as a sailing instructor, earning over 1,200 hours towards her captain’s license while sailing from Denmark to the Canary Islands. Kate is an accomplished backcountry leader with many trips nationally and internationally, including an extended backpacking expedition through the Austrian Alps. She completed several advanced whitewater rafting trips where she found her passion for white water, becoming a rafting guide and trip leader. Kate is a certified ACA white water canoe instructor. Kate has also served the outdoor industry as a challenge course facilitator and builder, rock climbing instructor, climbing school coordinator, head guide for zip-line tours, and snowboard school instructor and supervisor. She holds a Bachelors degree in Education. Kate has been an instructor trainer for the Outdoor Leadership Program since 2007 where she specializes in multi-modal backcountry travel, canoeing and swift water rescue. She continues to be active and passionate about experiential education and brings her skills and love of the outdoors to OLP. She lives in Shelburne Falls with her spouse and dog, bringing to practice her passion for sustainable living.

Evan Perkins

Evan Perkins of Bethlehem, N.H. has been bringing his skills as a paddler, wilderness guide and counselor to the Outdoor Leadership Program, since 1997. As a certified canoe instructor trainer for the American Canoe Association he works to certify students in flat water and white water paddling. Evan has canoed and kayaked over 8000 miles through arctic and sub arctic North America. Along with many personal expeditions Evan has led four 60-80 day unsupported canoe expeditions into the most remote wilderness areas on the continent, the Arctic Barrens of Canada’s Nunauut and Northwest Territories. Evan has also worked for many years as a wilderness therapy counselor for different organizations including the Connecticut Wilderness School and Summit Achievement of Stowe, M.E. Through his study of the natural world and wilderness survival skills, he brings his wealth of experience into the class room, helping students develop the core skills they need to be outdoor leaders.