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Outdoor Leadership Program

Higher Education for Adventure Guides and Instructors


We’re different. We’re better.

As the only one-year outdoor adventure leadership training program of its kind in the United States accredited by the Association for Experiential Education, we think we’re pretty special. You will, too.


We encourage our students to rock the boat.

Spend a year in our tightly-knit “living laboratory” of 20 highly-motivated learners. Our non-traditional, field-intensive curriculum will change your life. Apply now!

WHAT will you learn?

Leadership skills. Technical skills. With 12 professional certifications available, you’ll learn a whole lot about the outdoors, and a whole lot about yourself.

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HOW will you learn these skills?

By doing them. You won’t spend much time in a typical academic classroom.  Our courses are all field-oriented and hands-on.

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WHO will you learn from?

Experts with direct field experience. Our faculty includes nationally-certified instructors, authors and international guides who have led hundreds of expeditions.

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WHO will you learn with?

Your team in OLP’s living laboratory: highly motivated lifelong learners with a range of ages and outdoor experience.  Your new best friends.

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