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A Newsletter for Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Greenfield Community College and the GCC Foundation

GCC Exploring Child Care Center to Serve Students and the Community

Posted on Friday November 18th 2011

Student success is at the core of the proposed GCC campus-based child care center.
Student success is at the core of the proposed GCC campus-based child care center.
Student success is at the core of the proposed GCC campus-based child care center.

Student success is at the core of the proposed GCC campus-based child care center.

Greenfield Community College is exploring and moving forward with options to construct a child care center on campus in the near future to serve students and the community. President Robert Pura announced the initiative with the message that the college is “very clear that the need for a child care center, located on campus, is a top priority for our students’ success.” For nearly 30 years in total of its 50-year history, the college has twice had child care facilities available for the GCC community and that access has made the difference between enrollment or not, and completion or not, for countless students. GCC also offers Certificate and Degree Programs in Education that focus on Early Childhood and a child care center greatly facilitates and complements that academic activity. The specific needs of students to have quality, affordable child care options available while they engage in their academic pursuits, and of the GCC Education Program to a have quality, accessible laboratory school available for student teaching and faculty observations are critical to the teaching and learning experience. A child care center that would exemplify the best practices in child development for education of student teachers, and provide child care and development services for GCC students who would be unable to attend college without this service, is of paramount importance to the college. President Pura added that the college will pursue a financing and operating model that ensures the best use of resources, full collaboration with existing child care providers in the area and input from GCC faculty, staff and student constituencies. “We have an opportunity to build this once and build it well,” he said, “We want to be certain that we have the right people at the table now to move toward an outcome that will serve this community’s and our students’ child care needs for years to come.”

GCC welcomes GSB President John Howland

howlandGCC was pleased to welcome John Howland, the new President & CEO of Greenfield Savings Bank, to his first visit on campus March 26th. He is pictured here in front of the entrance to the GCC Greenfield Savings Bank Math Studio – thank you, GSB, for all of your support of GCC students!

Foundation welcomes new Board President


Robyn Provost, Vice President of Mowry & Schmidt, Inc., General Contractors, has been elected President of the Board of Directors of the GCC Foundation. Robyn has served on the board for five years and is a longtime volunteer fundraiser for the annual campaign. Her work with their family-operated construction business, based in Greenfield since 1947, has made her a familiar face to many companies and individuals across Franklin County. Robyn lives in Heath with her husband, Tom Carlson.