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A Newsletter for Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Greenfield Community College and the GCC Foundation

GCC Foundation Announces Retirement of Dorothy Parrill

Posted on Friday November 18th 2011

Dorothy (Dottie) Parrill '87
Dorothy (Dottie) Parrill '87
Dorothy (Dottie) Parrill '87

Dorothy (Dottie) Parrill '87

One familiar voice will no longer be at the other end of the telephone if you call the GCC Foundation with a question about giving a gift or the balance of an endowment fund, following the March 31 retirement of Dorothy (Dottie) Parrill.  After 14 years of support to the Foundation and GCC students, Dorothy is retiring and we have welcomed Tom Doherty to her position as Accounting/Database Coordinator.

Everybody who knows her knows that her dedication, intelligence, humor and caring will be greatly missed. Dorothy loves and made an impact on GCC, as an alum (she received an Associate’s Degree from GCC in 1987, adding to her previously earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), as an employee and as a friend.

There are two facets about Dorothy that deserve recognition: the employee that she is and her amazing work product, and the human being that she is her amazing capacity for kindness and caring.

As a worker, her systems were so clear, her recordkeeping so precise, and her methods so logical, that Tom was able, after a short training, to competently understand and manage the complex workload.

But more important is to recognize Dorothy, the human being. She is a warm, caring, kind, compassionate person who set a high bar. Do you know how people sometimes jostle to stand next to celebrities or sports heroes to benefit from the reflected glory? Well, we all stand next to Dorothy to benefit from the reflected grace. We all feel better just being around her. The work that she and her husband Lloyd do for their congregation, their community, their family and friends and for those in need is significant and important.

The GCC Foundation is a better place because of her work and the world is a better place because of her heart. We are lucky to have had her with us those years and wish her well in her retirement.

GCC welcomes GSB President John Howland

howlandGCC was pleased to welcome John Howland, the new President & CEO of Greenfield Savings Bank, to his first visit on campus March 26th. He is pictured here in front of the entrance to the GCC Greenfield Savings Bank Math Studio – thank you, GSB, for all of your support of GCC students!

Foundation welcomes new Board President


Robyn Provost, Vice President of Mowry & Schmidt, Inc., General Contractors, has been elected President of the Board of Directors of the GCC Foundation. Robyn has served on the board for five years and is a longtime volunteer fundraiser for the annual campaign. Her work with their family-operated construction business, based in Greenfield since 1947, has made her a familiar face to many companies and individuals across Franklin County. Robyn lives in Heath with her husband, Tom Carlson.