A Newsletter for Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Greenfield Community College and the GCC Foundation
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“GCC saved you when you needed to be saved.” These words, spoken by Blain Keith, my beloved husband of forty-three years, encapsulate the utterly essential role the College played in my life. The opportunity presented by my enrolling in GCC after high school graduation in 1969, is in a word—priceless. I received knowledge which was foundational to my personal happiness and professional fulfillment.

“I give to Greenfield Community College out of gratitude for the pivotal experience it provided me with on the higher education road. I can say with assurance that my life would have been different—and definitely diminished—without GCC being a crucial aspect of it.
I sought assistance from the Counseling Center while enrolled at GCC. I am also thankful for Ellie Goodman and the hope and joy she exuded in her work.

I increased my donation this year and specified it to be used to aid other students seeking assistance from the Student Wellness Center. It is my intent to provide encouragement and resources for those seeking guidance and support as they seek their own opportunities to improve and enhance their lives.”