A Newsletter for Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Greenfield Community College and the GCC Foundation
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GCC President Yves Salomon-Fernández

As I sit down to write this, I think back to our last community event, pre-COVID. In February, the local band, Swing Caravan, led by GCC Music Department Chair Matthew Shippee, serenaded a gathering of GCC alumni, supporters and friends with delightful music at Hawks & Reed. I am allowing this memory to transport me to the future where I can imagine the band singing “Oh, What a Year”—a tune sung to the melody of “Oh, what a Night.”

COVID-19 settled in by mid-March and 2020 was nothing we’d dreamed it’d be. And, as you know, it is lasting much too long and could not end soon enough. Can you help me fill in the rest of the lyrics?

Speaking of celebration, this year GCC will kick off the beginning of its 2022 60th anniversary celebration! In September 2021, we will start our academic year of celebration with remote and in person events. Then, in 2022, we will celebrate in proper fashion, in person, with all the celebratory bells and whistles over the course of that entire year. We have a great legacy that spans six decades, giants on whose shoulders we stand, and alumni who are stewarding our local businesses and organizations. We have much to celebrate now and will have even more to be grateful for when this pandemic ends.

We welcome your ideas on how to mark the 60th Anniversary of Greenfield Community College, both remotely and in person, with reverence and joy. We want to capture your best memories, pictures, and artifacts of GCC from over the years. We want to engage all of our alumni, friends, retirees, and supporters. We welcome families to come up with creative ways to involve everyone. Stay tuned for the launch of our online portal for submissions of stories, photos, and other items to be featured in our virtual and tangible book.

Until then, let’s make the best of the year ahead. Let us remember and honor the ones we have lost last year and in years past. May their memories, laughter, and smiles give us solace when we need it most. Let us keep in our thoughts those most affected by this pandemic and the most vulnerable in our global community. Lastly, let us wish for the return of good health and joy into our homes and to the world.

Have a happy and healthy year ahead!