One Community, Many Futures

GCC Celebrates 60 Years of Changing Lives

The strength of Greenfield Community College has always come from a deep investment in building community— a community of dedicated faculty and staff, volunteers, students, alumni, business leaders and supporters. After 60 years of changing lives, GCC is still harnessing the power of community to create pathways to independence and success for our students, providing the first step towards building better futures.

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On September 17, 1962, Greenfield Community College opened in the Federal Street North school building with Director Walter Taylor at the helm and an enrollment of 130 students. This was the culmination of a community driven effort to secure one of the new “people’s colleges” for Franklin County. Within two years, GCC was laying the groundwork for a permanent campus with the acquisition of 163 acres in Greenfield Meadows for $30,500, which would eventually become the site of GCC’s permanent home in 1974.

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