Did we miss you?

GCC recently experienced an email outage. If you tried contacting a staff or faculty member or one of our offices by email in the past few days, it’s possible we missed your message. Please be in contact by phone if you have not heard back from us! Our service to you is very important. Thank you.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Membership for alums is free!  Join now!

As a member of the Alumni Association you are entitled to the following:

  • Use of the GCC Library system
  • Use of the GCC Fitness Center
  • Access to the College Store
  • Involvement with on-campus special activities and events, view GCC Calendar here
  • Invitation to participate in ongoing events such as:
    • GCC Foundation Annual Meeting
    • GCC Commencement Ceremony
    • Art & Musical Events
    • Distinguished Alumni Selection
    • Alumni Scholarship Event

How can you support GCC?

  • Return to campus for Alumni and College events
  • Help students and/or other alumni by being a guest speaker to talk about your personal career journey
  • Contribute to the Greenfield Community College Foundation Annual Fund
  • Volunteer to assist with Association function and events
  • Work with the College’s Admission team to let others know how GCC has helped you and how it can help them
  • Bring one other alum with you to the next open meeting