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Alumni Association

Greenfield Community College


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Reconnect with GCC by becoming a member of the Alumni Association

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Membership benefits for alumni

Membership is free!

As a member of the Alumni Association you are entitled to the following:

  • Use of the GCC Library system
  • Use of the GCC Fitness Center
  • Access to the College Store
  • Involvement with on-campus special activities and events
  • Invitation to participate in ongoing events such as:
    • GCC Foundation Annual Meeting
    • GCC Commencement Ceremony
    • Art & Musical Events
    • Distinguished Alumni Selection
    • Alumni Scholarship Event

How can you support GCC?

  • Return to campus for Alumni and College events
  • Help students and/or other alumni by being a guest speaker to talk about your personal career journey
  • Contribute to the Greenfield Community College Foundation Annual Fund
  • Volunteer to assist with Association function and events
  • Work with the College‚Äôs Admission team to let others know how GCC has helped you and how it can help them
  • Bring one other alumni with you to the next open meeting
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