Although GCC Career Services is focused on serving enrolled for-credit students, we are delighted to share this website of resources with members of the public, to the fullest extent possible.

Career Services empowers students to:
  • Drive and accelerate their career development
  • Get more clarity about their career direction
  • Make more strategic education decisions 
  • Increase their networking skills and social capital 
  • Learn from and work with relevant employers 
  • Engage in an effective internship or job search
  • Become the professional that they want to be
  • Improve their employment prospects
What resources does Career Services provide GCC students?

Career Counseling Appointments (for enrolled credit-students)

This Career Services Website – full of guides, tips, checklists, articles & more

Get Career-Ready Checklists – to start your career development planning

Career Services Newsletters – sent directly to students’ GCC inbox

Networking Opportunities: Access to career exploration & job recruitment events

A selection from GCC events calendar

A menu of employer-hosted events in your HandshakeGCC account*

Some events are also featured in Career Services newsletters

* Login into with your GCC username and password.

What steps can I take to advance my career development?

Consider customizing or combining one or more Career Success Checklists to draft a new career plan – or refer to these lists to inform an existing career plan:

Get Career-Ready ChecklistAn overarching checklist

Goal-Setting & Planning ChecklistA companion to the following checklists

Find Your Career Path Checklist

Gain Marketable Skills Checklist

Networking for Success Checklist

Get a Job or Internship Checklist

If a checklist is not the best format for you, you can:

Refer to the rest of this webpage, which is organized by career development themes

Utilize this website, which is organized by career development themes

of career resources to find the information, tips, and tools that are more relevant to your current questions and goals.

If you are a GCC student and need some real-time support from a career counselor, refer to the contact information in the upper right corner of the page, and/or make an appointment.

How can I find an internship or job?

Use your GCC username and password to log into Handshake and access job listings, non-credit (paid and unpaid) internships, networking events, employers, peers with similar career interests, and your Handshake profile.

2023 graduates are starting to look for employment earlier than usual.  Use Handshake to start gathering perspective about the regional employment landscape and job market now, so there will be more opportunities available to you, when you need them.