Although GCC Career Services is focused on serving enrolled for-credit students, we are delighted to share this website of resources with members of the public, to the fullest extent possible.

Career Services empowers students to:
  • Get increased clarity about your career direction and the education needed
  • Start developing connections that link academic pursuits with your career path
  • Identify and go after the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience needed 
  • Connect with employers and open doors to more professional opportunities 
  • Prepare a “kit” of internship/job application documents – in advance of the job search
  • Increase the effectiveness of current and future job searches
Career Success Checklists

Use your GCC username and password to log into Handshake and access job listings, non-credit (paid and unpaid) internships, networking events, employers, peers with similar career interests, and your Handshake profile.

2023 graduates are starting to look for employment earlier than usual.  Use Handshake to start gathering perspective about the regional employment landscape and job market now, so there will be more opportunities available to you, when you need them.