Current and former GCC students may order official transcripts online for $3 each through Parchment, our authorized transcript provider. Transcripts can be sent electronically or mailed in hard copy to the institution or individual you designate.

You will need to create a Parchment account to order transcripts if you do not already have one (select "New Learner Account" on the login screen if this is your first time using Parchment). Current students may also access Parchment from your MyGCC account. Select the green "Submit a Form" button in the upper left, then "Official Transcript Request." You will need to put in your MyGCC login and password again. The first time you will need to provide additional information to set up your Parchment account.

Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers for Parchment.

Once you are in the Parchment request section do not select the Stillpoint School of Massage unless you attended Stillpoint before it was acquired by GCC. Doing so will mean cancellation of your transcript request and you will need to order a new GCC transcript.

Third parties or institutions requesting a transcript on behalf of a current or former student can do so here.

If you are a current student you may also print an unofficial transcript from your MyGCC account. If you are not a current student, but attended in the last two years and know your myGCC login, you may also print an unofficial transcript using the steps below. For all others, please request an official transcript from Parchment.

  • Log into MyGCC
  • Go to My degree → Academic records → Academic transcript