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Science faculty & staff

The Science Department is staffed by eight full time faculty, one Laboratory Safety Officer, and one Greenhouse/Lab Technician.  In addition, a diverse group of adjunct faculty teach many of the science department classes and labs.  These adjuncts have tremendous expertise and depth in their fields of study and bring an exceptional level of knowledge and professionalism to the department.  Adjuncts can be contacted by using the faculty and staff directory.

Full-time faculty & staff


Brian Adams

Environmental Studies/Natural Resources

B.S., Cornell University
M.S., Antioch University

S410 775-1454

Brian Adams teaches Introduction to Environmental Science, Natural History and Freshwater Ecology.  He is also the Program Coordinator for the Environmental Studies/Natural Resources option.  As GCC Fish Project Director he coordinates the anadromous fish population study work on the Connecticut River and hires numerous GCC students for seasonal work.  He has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Human Ecology from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and a Master’s in Environmental Biology from Antioch in Keene, New Hampshire.


Trisha Basford

A.S., Schenectady County Community College
B.S., SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Ph.D., Western Michigan University

S409 775-1862

Trisha Basford teaches General Chemistry I and II and Organic Chemistry I and II. She is also Co-Chair of the Science Department. Trish has an undergraduate degree in environmental chemistry from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a doctorate in Chemistry (concentration in Biochemistry) from Western Michigan University, as well as a degree in culinary arts from Schenectady County Community College.


Christine Copeland

Renewable Energy Program Assistant

A.A., American College in Paris
B.F.A., Cornell University
M.Ed., Antioch New England Graduate School

S207 775-1472

Christine Copeland is the program assistant for the Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency Certificate and Liberal Arts Option. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Masters in Elementary Education from Antioch New England. Her major responsibilities involve assisting Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency students and faculty in whatever their needs may be, including responding to student inquiries, providing instructors institutional support, helping with registration and scheduling, advising, getting together book orders, and a thousand other things that make the program run. Outside of work she may be found knitting, rug hooking and chauffeuring her two sons from one activity to another.


Abrah Dresdale

Senior Special Programs Coordinator, Farm and Food Systems

B.A., State University of New York at New Paltz
M.A.L.D., The Conway School of Landscape Design

S412 775-1107

Abrah Jordan Dresdale is certified in Permaculture Design and holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Landscape Design and Planning from the Conway School, where she co-authored Feed Northampton, a food security plan for the city of Northampton. She is principal of Feeding Landscapes, a design business which specializes in edible landscapes and local food systems planning. Since 2011, Abrah has taught Introduction to Food Systems and Permaculture Design at Greenfield Community College. She is Coordinator of the Farm and Food Systems program, co-advises the Permaculture Club, and serves as the Garden Coordinator for ‘Living Laboratory’ permaculture garden on campus. As the 2013-14 David Bird Fellow, Abrah traveled to Tamil Nadu, India to help with reforestation and food security efforts. She has taught permaculture design courses at Permaculture f.e.a.s.t., Southern Vermont Permaculture, Wesleyan University, and UMass-Amherst. Abrah uses mentoring and ecological design as tools to facilitate positive change in partnership with people and communities.


Natalie Feliciano

Laboratory Safety Compliance Officer

B.S., University of Rochester
M.S., University of Massachusetts

S415 775-1861

Natalie Feliciano has an undergraduate degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Rochester and a Masters Degree in Plant Biology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  Natalie has previously worked in labs at Amherst College, Northwestern University and the University of California, San Francisco.  Of all of these colleges Natalie loves GCC by far the best.  When not acting as Science Goddess, Natalie loves cooking, kayaking and exploring the natural wonders and cultural quirkiness of New England.


Jay Gump

B.A., University of North Carolina
M.S., Colorado State University
Ph.D., University of Vermont College of Medicine

S419A 775-1152

A woodworking fanatic, Jay Gump teaches Anatomy and Physiology – Biology 195 and 196. He received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at theUniversity of North Carolina and his doctorate at the University of Vermont in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics. In his “spare” time Jay coaches elite cyclists including Olympians and world champions and is interested in helping athletes utilize their talents to achieve success in life.


Amanda Hyde

B.S., Muskingum College
M.S., University of Nevada

S419A 775-1450

Amanda Hyde teaches Biology 126 and 127 and is the newest full time professor in the science department, having joined us in the summer of  2012.  She received her B.S. in Biology from Muskingum College in Ohio and her M.S. in Biology from the University of Nevada in Reno. Some of her graduate research included studies of behavioral ecology in her favorite charismatic microfauna (kangaroo rats) and megafauna (bighorn sheep). When not teaching she can be found (depending on the weather) either knitting, spinning and weaving or hiking, skiing and biking.

johnson (1)

Ted Johnson


B.S., Northeastern University
M.Ed., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

S419D 775-1429

Ted Johnson teaches Physics, Astronomy, and Meteorology as well as coordinates the Engineering program. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering, an MS in Science Education, 12 years of engineering experience, and several decades of teaching experience . He brings experience in solar building design, amateur radio work, computer applications, artificial intelligence and vision work, and engineering experience in meteorological weather balloons, piezoelectric transducer design and fabrication, resinate deposition based ceramic microcircuits, commercial radio transmitters and repeaters, antenna design, as well as business experience as an industrial process consultant and troubleshooter. He has taught courses in electronic circuit design, both analog and digital, most programming languages, robotics – motion and vision, several levels of physics – classical and modern, electrical wiring, astronomy, meteorology, and industrial electronic control systems. His work experience includes Raytheon, Sprague Electric, US Sonics Corp, General Electric, Mount Anthony Vocational Center, Vermont Department of Labor and Industry, Berkshire Community College, Westfield State College, Community College of Vermont and Greenfield Community College.


Teresa Jones

Plant/Renewable Energy/Environmental Science

B.A., Yale University
M.A., University of Massachusetts

S419B 775-1462

Teresa Jones graduated from Yale University in New Haven, CT, with a double degree in Environmental Studies and History. She received her master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in Plant Biology. She has worked as a science reporter and co-authored a book on asthma. She began teaching at the high school level before coming to GCC in 1999. She currently teaches Botany and Sustainable Energy courses, and was awarded a 2013 Green Giant Award by the Western Mass Green Building Group for her work in the green energy and building field.


Mike Kocsmiersky

B.S., University of Rochester

S419B 775-1462

Mike Kocsmiersky teaches a wide variety of Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency classes including Fundamentals of Electricity, Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Systems and Residential Energy Efficiency and Energy Auditing. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester. As the owner of Spirit Solar, the father of four children, the keeper of chickens, dogs, cats and fish, his precious few free moments are spent reading stories to his kids, tinkering with mechanical projects and playing board games.


Charlie Laurel

Adjunct Professor

E132B 775-1189

Charlie Laurel arrived at GCC in 2008 after 12 years living on the edge of the Painted Desert in Arizona where he was building houses out of used tires, straw bales, mud, aluminum cans, etc. He also worked with communities on the Dine’ Nation (Navajo) lands making links between forest restoration and building semi-traditional “Hogan” dwellings and ceremonial structures. Charlie earned his Masters of Sustainable Communities degree at Northern Arizona University, writing a thesis that combined his interests of Zen Buddhism and Environmentalism. Teaching a few courses at Coconino Community College in Flagstaff, Arizona sparked Charlie’s desire to focus on teaching when he moved to New England. In addition to teaching Environmental Studies at GCC, he also teaches Passive Solar Design; Building with Earth, Straw, Wood, and Stone; Organic Gardening; and a variety of special one-credit courses. Charlie teaches permaculture through the Vermont Wilderness School, enjoys gardening, and is working on a Masters in Community Mental Health at Southern New Hampshire University.


Richard Little

Professor Emeritus

B.A., Clark University
M.A., University of Southern California

Richard Little taught geology and oceanography at GCC full time for 34 years before semi-retiring in 2004. He has published articles, written books and produced videos in the geoscience field, has  taught many additional courses, workshops and presentations at other institutions, and runs his own geology tour business.  Dick has a B.A. from Clark University and an M.A. from the University of Southern California.  He is past President of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, past  Chairman of the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District, and Vice President and past president of the Pioneer Valley Institute. He was inducted into the Massachusetts Science Educator Hall of Fame in May of 2004.


Anthony Reiber

Greenhouse Technician

B.S., Southern Illinois University
M.S., University of Massachusetts

S411 775-1366

Anthony Reiber is the Greenhouse/Lab Technician managing the greenhouse facility at GCC as well as the soil science instructor.  He received an Wetland Conservation from the University of Massachusetts and a B.S. in Plant and Soil Science from Southern Illinois University.  His experience in greenhouse and nursery production with the New England Wildflower Society and New England Wetland Plants concentrated on producing native plant species specifically for habitat restoration and natural landscaping. In addition he started his own growing operation to provide plant material for the largest wetland restoration project in New England.

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