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Our academic programs enable you to transfer to baccalaureate degree colleges and universities, or prepare you to enter a variety of career fields. Several programs serve both purposes, depending on the elective courses you take. We offer associate degree programs, which require at least 60 credits of coursework, and certificate programs, which require up to 42 credits of coursework.

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Addiction Studies
Art (Liberal Arts Option)
Art/Visual Arts
Art/Visual Arts (MassTransfer)
Athletic Facility Administration
Biology (Liberal Arts Option)
Business Administration Transfer
Chemistry (Liberal Arts Option)
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems – General Office Administration
Computer Information Systems – Office Management
Computer Science (Liberal Arts Option)
Computer-Assisted Bookkeeping
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice (MassTransfer)
Dance (Liberal Arts Option)
Digital Media
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Economics (Liberal Arts Option)
Education (Liberal Arts Option)
Engineering Science
Engineering Technology
English (Liberal Arts Option)
Environmental Science
Environmental Science (Liberal Arts Option)
Farm and Food Systems (Liberal Arts Option)
Farm and Food Systems
Fire Science Technology
Food Science (Liberal Arts Option)
Gender and Women’s Studies (Liberal Arts Option)
Health Science (Liberal Arts Option)
Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality and Tourism Management (Liberal Arts Option)
Human Services (Liberal Arts Option)
Liberal Arts
Medical Assistant
Medical Office Administration
Medical Office Management
Music (Liberal Arts Option)
Network Administration
Outdoor Leadership
Plant and Soil Science (Liberal Arts Option)
Practical Nursing
Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency (Liberal Arts Option)
Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency
Science-Math Education (Liberal Arts Option)
Social Sciences (Liberal Arts Option)
Theater (Liberal Arts Option)
Web Development and Design

Associate in Arts programs consist of a broad range of general studies in the humanities, behavioral sciences, business, natural sciences, mathematics and technology with program options to focus on more specialized fields of interest. These options lead to the Associate in Arts degree and transfer status as a junior at many four-year colleges and universities. Many professions, including law, medicine, economics, education, and human services require a strong liberal arts background. Our programs are designed to provide a strong foundation in liberal studies that will enable you to transfer to baccalaureate degree programs at other institutions.

Our career degree programs consist of specialized education, which may include studies in humanities, behavioral sciences, business, natural sciences, mathematics and technology, in addition to studies in specific career fields. Career degree programs lead to the Associate in Science degree. We have designed these programs to prepare you for employment in a variety of career areas, as well as to enable you in many cases to transfer to baccalaureate degree programs at other institutions. You should work closely with your academic advisor in selecting your courses.

Certificate programs consist of specialized education in specific career fields, without the general education coursework required for a degree. We have designed our certificate programs to prepare you for early employment and/or to improve your specific job skills. You must complete at least 15 credits or two-thirds of the credit hours required for a certificate program (whichever is less) at GCC.

In most cases, the courses required to complete a certificate may be used to fulfill requirements for an associate degree in the same field.

Due to the sequence in which the certificate course requirements are offered, completion of these programs within the normal time frame is not always possible if you begin your studies in January.