Did we miss you?

GCC recently experienced an email outage. If you tried contacting a staff or faculty member or one of our offices by email in the past few days, it’s possible we missed your message. Please be in contact by phone if you have not heard back from us! Our service to you is very important. Thank you.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College
The Office of Student Activities & Community Service is at the heart of the GCC student community.

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Our physical space is located in GCC’s Main Core room 216, providing an open and welcoming place for students to gather, connect, and collaborate with one another. But Student Activities is more than just a physical space; it is a creative community of students invested in making GCC a lively, stimulating, and inspiring place to be a student. We strive to create conditions where students may take an active role in the student body, and attain a sense of personal investment in GCC. We do this by creating opportunities for students to create or join a club, participate in student governance, and attend educational, cultural, and social events. These shared experiences allow students to develop important skills, including leadership and governance, teamwork, budgeting, communication, and active citizenship. The GCC Office of Student Activities & Community Service is located in the Core of the Main Building room C216. You can reach us by phone at (413) 775-1200.