Welcome to the Science Department!

For a small college, GCC offers an exciting and varied range of science classes – from anatomy/physiology to chemistry and microbiology to the biological, natural and environmental sciences and to engineering, physics, astronomy and meteorology.  Our mission is to provide high quality sciences that meet the needs of students academically and professionally.

Students in a chemistry lab
GCC students in a chemistry lab

Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to teaching high quality science classes while meeting the diverse needs of our students.

While almost all GCC students are required to take two four-credit lab science classes, we also provide courses for students from other two and four year colleges and universities as well as interested learners in the community at large.

We offer programs of study in:

Our science classes help meet the prerequisite requirements for our Health Occupations students including those pursuing an Associate in Science Degree in Nursing, and those involved in achieving certification in the Paramedic, Fire Science and Practical Nursing programs.

Our Science Studio allows students cooperative work space and computer access in close proximity to faculty offices where students are provided with academic assistance.

Environmental Studies lab/fieldwork
Environmental Studies lab/fieldwork

If there is anything we can do to help make the sciences a rewarding educational journey for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.