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Greenfield Community College

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Fall 2013 unduplicated credit enrollment: 2,238 students

Economic Impact Study

GCC Class of 2014:  410 students graduated

  • Associate degrees:  284
  • Certificates:  126
  • 44% of GCC graduates transfer or continue their education
  • Graduates 2014 Fast Facts

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 Very Fast Facts – all on one page

Annual Enrollment: Credit students (2012-2013): 3,154; non-credit: 2,229

Student Profiles – demographics such as gender, age, full-time/part-time, race/ethnicity, high school, residence

Program Enrollments – student enrollment by associate degree and certificate programs

Graduates – associate degrees and certificates awarded

Graduation & Transfer Rates

 Transfers – transfers of graduates & non-graduating transfers, transfer schools, degrees attained beyond GCC

Spring Enrollment & Retention

Annual Enrollment


Economic Impact

Environmental Impact

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