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What is the difference between GCC’s three education programs?

The three programs are designed to provide flexibility for students so that they may complete the requirements that fit their needs: entering the work force upon graduation, transferring to four year programs in education or completing a few courses which help them to move up the career ladder in their present employment.

The Early Childhood Education Program is designed for those individuals who wish to become employed immediately upon graduation. Graduates of this program may become certified by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care as Lead Teachers in programs serving children from birth to age 7 years and in programs which are outside of the public schools. Many graduates work in the public schools as classroom aides or with special needs children.

The Liberal Arts/Education Option Program is designed for those individuals who plan to become preschool and elementary school teachers within the public school system. These graduates must transfer to a four year institution and major in a liberal arts discipline and also complete courses in education including student teaching. This program provides a strong foundation in the education of young children and prepares the student for transfer.

The Early Childhood Education Licensure Program is designed for those individuals who have been working in the field for many years and who wish to acquire the academic component necessary to become Lead Teacher qualified according to the regulations of the Department of Early Education and Care. Most of the students who enroll in this program have already worked in the field for several years and have the required 27 months of work experience. The department does not place students in sites to receive the required 27 months of experience.

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