Weather Cancellation Update- January 17th, 2018

Greenfield Community College will re-open at 5pm. All classes that are scheduled to start at 5pm or later will be held as scheduled. For the latest status, call the Greenfield Community College weather hotline at (413) 775-1010.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Course cartridge request

Please note: course cartridges and/or publisher material must be compatible with Moodle v2 or SCORM compatible.

Load a Moodle course cartridge

Please note! File sizes are limited to 10MB each and 20MB total per form submission. That means you can upload two 10MB files or three 6.66MB files. If you have larger and/or multiple .zip files to upload, please plan to deliver a disc to IT in order to complete your request.
  • Load cartridge for the following course

  • E.g., ENG 101 English Comp
  • Attach your course cartridge(s)

    Must be in .zip file format. You can attach up to three (3). You must verify with the publisher that your cartridge is compatible with our version of Moodle!
  • Accepted file types: zip.
  • Accepted file types: zip.
  • Accepted file types: zip.
  • Select your content

    If you only need selected content from a cartridge loaded, indicate below