The mission of the Teaching, Learning & Innovation Center is to promote effective teaching across campus, support student achievement and academic excellence, and provide a place for staff and faculty to connect and collaborate. 

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RequestsGetting Started with MoodleOur ResourcesWho is the TLIC?
    Follow these links to see forms you can use to request support from the TLIC:

  • Request AV Support
    Arrange for an AV technician to provide microphones, cameras, or other services for your event.
  • Moodle Requests
    Ask for a new shell, content to be imported from another shell, or for users to be added to you classroom.
  • Book a Consultation
    Book time with Lind McCarthy or Gary Ackerman to review your Moodle classroom or develop a new teaching idea.
  • Request a TLIC Workshop
    Suggest a topic for the TLIC to arrange.
  • Reserve the Multimedia Studio
    Arrange to use the S308 to record a podcast or video, create an AR project, or otherwise use the space.

Moodle iconGreenfield Community College maintains an. installation of Moodle (currently version 4.2) as the learning management systems faculty, students, and staff use to create virtual classrooms.

  • To access Moodle, click "Moodle" in the "LOGIN" button on the GCC homepage.
  • Use the same username and password as you use for your GCC email and MyGCC.
  • If you need help with your password, reach out to the GCC Help Desk
  • Once a course is created in Banner, a Moodle shell will be created automatically.
  • If the course does not appear on your dashboard, use the search tool in the "Course overview" block to find it. (Students may need to wait until the start of the semester for faculty to make the course available.)

Moodle at GCC: Guide to Setting Up You First Classroom is a eight-step guide designed to help faculty get started using Moodle at GCC.

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Center maintains the "Moodle Users" classroom which has tips and tutorials on using Moodle for those who create Moodle classrooms as well as those who visit Moodle classrooms.

Frequently given answers for students:

  • If your course doesn't appear on your dashboard, check your filter, then reach out to your instructor.
  • To learn about using Moodle and practice using a classroom, self-enroll in the "Getting Started with Moodle" classroom.
  • If your grades do not appear, reach out to your instructor. They often hide the gradebook for a number of reasons.
  • If you cannot log on, reach out to the help desk.

Frequently given answers for Moodle creators:

  • If students can't see your course, check the visibility.
  • Yes, the grade book is difficult to "get right." Reach out to Gary Ackerman to get help setting it up.
    • (413) 775-1867
  • You can import content from a previous semester using these directions.
  • Request users be added to a Moodle classroom, help for importing, or a new Moodle classroom with the forms on the "Moodle Requests" page on the GCC web site.
The Teaching and Learning Innovation Center has three primary areas of responsibility.

  1. Online teaching and learning. We provide a range of course review and design consultations and resources. Specific areas of activity include:
    • Improving course navigation
    • Improving accessibility
    • Integrating media and authentic curriculum
    • Navigating and using AI in your courses
    • Visit the TLIC on Moodle for details on best practices in online learning
    • Find the TL&I Podcast on or wherever you find your podcasts
  2. Digital media creation. We support faculty, students, and staff in the production of podcasts, video, and other media for classrooms, assignments, and community learning. We are prepared to host you explore:
      • Podcasting
      • Video recording
      • Streaming presentations
      • Discussions and workshops with rich presentation capacity
      • Schedule time in the Multimedia Studio with this form
  3. AV Support. We maintain classroom audio visual devices, including Smartboards, as well as AV in the Dining Commons, C208, and C201. In addition we staff  events to ensure both in-person and remote audiences have a good experience.
  4. Supporting Teaching and Learning. The Faculty Fellow is responsible for both leading the Faculty Steering Committee and scheduling workshops and sessions designing to support all faculty in all areas. Current endeavors include:
      • Book Chapter Reading Group
      • AI Thinking GroupDetails are available on this workshop calendar.
      • GCC faculty and staff can also join the Google Workspaces dedicated to this work
  • Gary Ackerman (Director)
  • Alex Audette (Event and Classroom Audio Visual Technician)
  • Linda McCarthy (Faculty Fellow)
  • Jon Morris (Instructional Media Specialist)

For academic year 2022-2023, the Steering Committee included:

  • Sarah Schmidt
  • Beth Brown
  • Tim Dolan
  • Peggy Martalock
  • Kim McKeage