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Moodle course request

Moodle courses are automatically created for all GCC classes; generally you do not need to request the creation of a course in Moodle.  Use this form if you need a meta course, a course not related to a GCC class, or content copied from one course to another.

What is a meta course

A meta course links students from multiple sections of a course into one Moodle course. Course content is viewable by students. Example: ENG 090 has three sections taught by the same instructor. All three sections will be using the same text, reading the same articles, have the same assignments and will be required to post to the same Journal prompts. With students from these three sections in one course, you post content only once.

Consider grouping students by their registration section in your meta course. Setting up groups makes it easier to manage the meta course. If you use discussions or any graded activity within Moodle, creating groups makes reviewing and grading the activity manageable. For information on setting up groups in Moodle, contact a member of FITS (Faculty Instructional Technology Support group) at