Monday, February 8

All day classes and all activities, at all locations, have been cancelled and the buildings are closed. A decision regarding evening classes and activities will be made by 2pm. For the latest status, refer to the Greenfield Community College Hotline:(413) 775-1010

For the latest status, call the Greenfield Community College weather hotline at (413) 775-1010.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Why choose Social Sciences?

Our department offers the following programs:

The Liberal Arts/Social Sciences Option offers an opportunity to explore of a variety of academic disciplines, including anthropology, economics, human ecology, political science, peace and social justice, psychology, and sociology. Students may concentrate on one subject, such as anthropology, sociology, or psychology, or they may take courses across the social science disciplines. A foundation in social sciences will help students develop critical thinking skills, and to develop a critical perspective on individuals and our social world.

Completing a degree in one of our programs provides a strong foundation for students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate degree granting institution to major in psychology, education, environmental studies, sociology, anthropology, peace and social justice, women’s studies, political science or legal studies. Future careers may include those in public health, education, health and human services, government, business, environmental advocacy, or a variety of other careers.