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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Student Senate

Student Senate is the representative body for the students of GCC. Some of their primary responsibilities include making recommendations to the College on student issues, allocating student activity fee monies, and reviewing club/organization applications. Student Senate holds regularly scheduled meetings and all members of the campus community are invited to attend. Student Senate is comprised of eleven student leaders in the following positions: President, Vice President, Student Trustee, and eight Senators. The Student Senate Constitution can be viewed here: GCC Student Senate Constitution. One of the major responsibilities of Student Senate is to allocate the Student Activity Fee Budget.

GCC groups or individuals seeking annual or one time activity fee funding, should complete this form Activity Fee Budget Request.  Annual budget requests are due on or before Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Interested in Running for Student Senate?

Have you ever thought about getting involved on campus? Do you want to have a voice in how Student Activity Fee money is allocated? Eight students will be elected at large from the student body (four students in October and four students in February).  To be eligible to hold Senate office, Senators must have paid a Student Activity Fee, and be in good standing with the College (i.e., maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and good judicial standing) Student Senate Applications are due Friday, September 25th by 4PM to

Fall & Spring Meeting Dates (C201 from 5:30pm – 6:30pm)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 968 3784 9323 (for all senate meetings)

  • Mon., Sept. 14th – Meeting
  • Mon., Sept. 21st – Meeting/How to Run an Effective Meeting with HCC
  • Fri., Sept. 25th – Student Senate Applications Due Today
  • Mon., Sept. 28th – Fri., Oct. 2nd – Student Senate Elections via Moodle
  • Mon., Sept. 28th – Meeting
  • Mon., Oct. 5th – All College Meeting
  • Mon., Oct. 19th – President Salomon-Fernandez Student Forum (
    Meeting ID: 967 2848 9367 ) from 12PM -1PM
  • Mon., Oct. 26th – Meeting
  • Mon., Nov. 2nd – Meeting
  • Mon., Nov. 9th – All College Meeting
  • Mon., Nov. 16th – Meeting
  • Mon., Nov. 23rd – Meeting
  • Mon., Nov. 30th – Meeting
  • Mon., Dec. 7th – Meeting
  • Mon., Dec. 14th – All College Meeting
  • Mon., Jan. 25th – Meeting
  • Mon., Feb. 1st – Meeting
  • Mon., Feb. 8th – All College Meeting
  • Mon., Feb. 22nd – Meeting
  • Mon., Mar. 1st – Meeting
  • Mon., Mar. 8th – All College Meeting
  • Weds., Mar. 10th – Activity Fee Budgets Due Today!
  • Mon., Mar. 15th – Meeting
  • Mon., Mar 29th – Meeting
  • Mon., Apr. 5th – Meeting
  • Mon., Apr. 12th – All College Meeting
  • Mon., Apr. 26th – Meeting
  • Mon., May 3rd – Student Leader Recognition Event

Student Senate Roster – Fall 2019- Spring 2020

  • Melissa Kuzmeski – Vice President  Office Hours: Mondays from 3PM -4PM
  • Tess Spelman – President – December 2020
  • Julia Stahnke -Student Trustee
  • Acadia Black – Senator
  • Erika Clark – Senator
  • Dylan Chatterton – Senator
  • Julia Nicholas Duprey – Senator
  • Gray Davidson Carroll – Senator
  • Satya Johnson – Senator
  • Evan LeBeau – Senator
  • Mariah Willor – Senator
  • Peter Pavone – Senator

Senate Meeting Minutes – Fall 2018

Senate Meeting Minutes – Fall 2017

Senate Meeting Minutes – Spring 2017

Senate Meeting Minutes – Fall 2016

Senate Meeting Minutes – Fall 2015

Senate Meeting Minutes – Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

Senate Meeting Minutes – Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

Senate Meeting Minutes – fall 2012 & spring 2013

Senate Meeting Minutes – fall 2011 & spring 2012