Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College


  • Why see a counselor?

    Some of the challenges that prompt college students to seek help from a counselor include but are not limited to:

    • Trouble with school work for no easily identifiable reason
    • Anxiety or anger interfering with  daily life
    • Feeling lonely or withdrawn from others
    • Feeling out of control or desperate
    • Depressed to the point of not getting things done
    • Difficulties surrounding food  or weight
    • Present or past abuse or harassment
    • Issues in personal relationships

    Students are encouraged to set up an appointment even if they are not sure if counseling is what they need. Students who come for counseling come from all of the academic disciplines and face many of the same kinds of problems. Appointments are made with the student’s scheduling needs in mind, usually during the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm. Other appointment times are available upon request.

  • If students are looking for long term counseling or additional support, referrals can be made to counselors or therapists in the local community.


    The Center for Human Development provides outpatient behavioral health services in Franklin County and beyond. 1-844-CHD-HELP

    Clinical & Support Options

    A comprehensive behavioral health organization serving clients throughout Western Massachusetts and the North Quabbin region. CSO’s mission is to provide responsive and effective interventions and services to support individual adults, children and families in their quest for stability, growth and a positive quality of life. 413-774-1000


    The mission of ServiceNet is to enhance the quality of life of adults, children and families in the Pioneer Valley through the provision of effective and responsive clinical, residential, rehabilitative, recovery and support services. 413-772-2935