The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of commodities, goods and services of the College and is here to assist the college community with questions regarding these purchases.  All purchases must be in compliance with the procurement laws of the Commonwealth.  The College is required to conduct competitive procurement consistent with state purchasing statutes, and are encouraged to conduct procurements using 801 CMR 21.00 and the Commonwealth’s Procurement Policies and Procedures Handbook.

A Purchase Requisition is required for all orders, the purchase order should be completed and signed by the department and forwarded to the Purchasing Department where it will be verified for competitive pricing.  Once pricing is verified, the purchase requisition will be processed and turned into a Purchase Order (PO).  The PO will be mailed or faxed to the vendor by Purchasing.  By placing an order without a PO, the department is assuming personal financial responsibility if the invoice is denied for payment.  Once the goods or services are received, the department will be notified and the invoice will accompany the purchase order for payment processing.

Purchasing thresholds:

  • Purchases over $2,000 not covered under MHEC Contracts or State Contract should request quotes from at least 3 different vendors.
  • Purchases over $10,000 not covered under MHEC Contracts or State Contract should contact the Purchasing Department to initiate the bid process.

Sole Source Purchases

There are certain items that can only be obtained by one company due to proprietary laws (especially software) or in other cases where there are no vendors in the area to supply the item.  In these cases we can use that company but should have some justification to attach with the purchase requisition explaining why we had to use this particular company.

Questions regarding the purchase of supplies, equipment, advertising and requests for proposal should be directed to:

Ryan Aiken, purchasing agent, ext 1309, aikenr@gcc.mass.edu

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