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Greenfield Community College

Accounts payable

Accounts payable processes payments for vendors, faculty, staff and students.  The Accounts payable office is responsible for ensuring that disbursements comply with internal and external regulations and actively seeks to provide courteous, timely and professional service.

Budget Authorization

Department Head or Dean Authorization is required for payment requests from department and grant funds.  Accounts payable will review payment requests to ensure that the appropriate budget authorization and funding availability is in place before invoices are paid.

All purchases should be made through the purchasing department.  Invoices should be date stamped by the department when received on campus and invoiced purchase orders are forwarded by the purchasing office to accounts payable for processing.

Payment Request

Payment requests should be submitted for payment on a Direct Payment Voucher.  The form should be completed in full with appropriate department head or dean approval.  Original receipts should accompany the payment voucher and be sent to the accounts payable accountant.

Accounts payable requires all vendors to have an IRS W-9 on file with the College.  Vendors payments can not be made without an active W-9 on file.

Sales Tax

Greenfield Community College is a non-profit educational institution exempt from Massachusetts sales tax on the purchase of goods and services in Massachusetts.  The College is however, not exempt from sales tax on hotel or restaurant purchases.  The College will not reimburse departments or individuals for sales tax paid on the purchase of goods or services.

Certificate of Exemption


Whenever traveling for GCC a yellow Greenfield Community College travel authorization form should be completed and signed by the appropriate department head or dean prior to travel.  The College president must sign all out-of-state travel authorizations. The travel authorization should include all anticipated reimbursable expenses related to that trip.  If conference fees or hotel deposits are required ahead of the trip, than the original travel authorization should be attached to the paperwork that is requesting payment of those expenses.   Once the trip has occurred a copy of the form can be submitted along with the state travel expense voucher and actual receipts for payment.

Mileage reimbursements are based on the current IRS mileage rate.  Allowable reimbursement is for the distance between your home and the temporary assignment or your GCC work location and the temporary assignment, whichever is the lesser of the two.  Supervisors should verify this prior to submitting reimbursement requests.

Off Campus Travel Policy

Contract Services

Please refer to Contracts for Services.

Questions regarding accounts payable should be directed to:

Jim Connelly, Accounts Payable Accountant (Trust and grants), ext 1304
Karen Phillips, Interim Chief Financial Officer (State Appropriations), ext 1305