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Frequently asked questions

Who will see my medical documentation & where will it be kept?

Your medical documentation will be received in the Office of Disability Services and will be reviewed by the Coordinator of Disability Services. After your information is complete and it has been determined that you are eligible for academic accommodations and/or auxiliary aids, a meeting will be scheduled with the Coordinator of Disability Services.  Your file will be maintained in a locked filing cabinet at all times, and will only be viewed by the ODS. All documentation received by the college is strictly confidential and information is released only with the students written request.

I am nervous about asking an instructor for accommodations. What can I do?

Who you choose to tell about your disability is up to you. Unless alternate arrangements have been made, it is assumed that students will discuss their individual needs with faculty members as needed. If you feel you do need additional support in approaching an instructor, arrangements can be made, however, a counselor or staff member will only discuss the need for classroom accommodations with an instructor (or other individual) when we have been given your prior written consent.

Who determines what kind of accommodations I am eligible for?

Although we recognize that you are the expert on you own disability, the need for accommodations and/or aids must be supported by you medical documentation. Your physician, therapist or counselor should provide the college with specific recommendations.

Why do I have to give the College and/or instructors advance notice of my needs?

The College will make its best effort to respond promptly to a student’s request for accommodations, but it is the responsibility of the student to make their needs known in a timely manner. Some accommodations may take up to 12 weeks to obtain (i.e. taped textbooks, regularly scheduled interpreters, etc.). Because of this students are strongly advised to request accommodations as soon as possible, preferably well before the semester begins.