Visiting Public Accommodation Requests

For visitors to Greenfield Community College, such as parents attending graduation or conference attendees who require disability-related accommodations, requests should be directed to the Disability Services office in the Wellness Center. We will make every effort to honor disability-related accommodation requests. We ask that you provide your request for disability accommodations as far in advance of the campus activity as possible.

Please provide the following information with your request:

  • Your name and contact information and today’s date
  • The name of person/persons needing services
  • Dates of service
  • Start-time for service
  • End-time for service
  • Location (building & room)
  • Details of assignment (including the title of the event if any, the nature of the event, e.g. conference, graduation, lecture, presentation, meeting, concert, staff retreat, training)
  • Type of service requested