Digital signage summer shut-down

As of this afternoon the Digital Sign System will be shut down for the summer.  We will begin to operate the system again on August 30.

A few quick stats on the first year of operation:

  • Ed Tech Staff made approximately 2212 “signs”  this year
  • The informational run averaged about 63 signs  a week
  • The average run or rotation of information per week was under 12 minutes
  • The system ran 50 hours a week for a total of 1500 hours for the two semesters (Fall & Spring)

While we’re not sure how much printed paper this saved, from general observations it did seem like this system might have had a positive impact on reducing paper consumption on campus in its initial year of operation.  If you have suggestions on how we might improve the system or delivery of information next year please feel free to let us know. The question and request of adding sound to the displays has come up on a number of occasions so if you’d like to voice a thought on this please feel free.