Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

About ETC

In 1974, GCC’s new building at One College Drive was built to include a “state of the art” television studio and audio-visual center. These areas were revamped over the following years to meet the demands of the College.

The “TV Studio” changed as technology changed. We’ve been the AV Center, the Media Center and now we are the Educational Technology Center. We still have a TV studio, and we have added satellite recording studios in the Dining Commons, the Lecture Hall and the Theater. Click here to check out our archived photos.

Our Mission

The mission of GCC’s Educational Technology Center (ETC) is to serve the academic community in all disciplines by providing access to and assistance on new and emerging educational technologies.

The specific focus of the Center’s activities is to train faculty in developing and incorporating technology in the learning environment.

Through research and development, the Center seeks to keep abreast of technology trends and disseminate this information to the academic community.

Mission Statement published 2003