Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

ETC Staff

Garry Longe

Instructional Media Specialist

A.S., Greenfield Community College

S306A 775-1843

Garry is EdTech's current senior staff member. He first came to GCC in 1976 as a student and became an employee in 1978 of the then-called AV Center. Garry’s areas of expertise include AV System design, specification, installation and project management; multi-media production; and live event production. His favorite quote is, “There is no such thing as a problem, only a solution to that problem.”

Karen Truehart

Audiovisual Technician

A.A., Greenfield Community College

S306 775-1842

In 1990, Karen came to GCC as a student. She began working part-time in the Media Center—the precursor of the ETC—in 1992. At that time, her duties were to schedule 16mm film and circulate the College’s four TV/VCR decks. Karen's duties have transformed with the technology. Now she is responsible for classroom equipment circulation, operation and service; circulation of student equipment; production for the digital sign system; purchasing and office support which include archiving Ed Tech productions, and maintaining Ed Tech’s databases.