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    Please Say “Hello” to Our New Chief Information Officer

    Human Resources would like to introduce you to Laura Garcia, our new CIO. Laura, who prefers feminine personal pronouns, comes to Greenfield Community College with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from UMass Amherst and an M.S.L.I.S. from Simmons College. She also holds several I.T. certifications. Most recently, Laura was employed at Mt. Holyoke College as their Director of Campus Technology and Media Support, a position she’s held for nearly eight years.

    Laura is not a novice to the role of state employee, having worked off and on for UMass Amherst until she’d accumulated over fourteen years of state service. She has also worked in a wide range of non-state I.T. positions from a health-related dot.com business to an education testing company to self-employment.

    Though Laura was born in Salem, MA and grew up on the north shore of Boston, she has lived and worked in the western part of the state for more than thirty years. When asked what prompted her to apply for the GCC CIO position, she didn’t hesitate with her answer. She said that GCC has a fantastic reputation, better than any other employer she’s ever run into. Whether she meets students or employees, she always gets rave reviews about the college.

    Laura shared some unique interests of hers, one of which is a love of cooking that has set her on an endless quest for interesting, new recipes. She’s also an amateur local historian and makes it a point to become well-versed in the local history of wherever she spends time. She has become very familiar with the history of Hampshire County and is looking forward to digging into Franklin County’s past. And finally, Laura is interested in protecting old-growth forests and trees so she is constantly on the lookout for large-diameter trees to measure.

    Maybe to best welcome Laura, we should see if we can come up with a Colonial-era recipe that calls for VERY LARGE leafy greens?

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