Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Student and alumni profiles

Dan Babineau

“GCC helped me become a creative musician and gave me the confidence I needed to play in front of and for people. “

Dan Lederer

“I’m truly grateful for the authentic growth that I’m experiencing through the GCC Music Department.”

John Zarcone

“The GCC music program was a great place to start for me, being a self-taught musician like so many people are.”

Andrew Bussiere

“GCC’s unique curricula, small classes, engaged students, and caring teachers made playing, living, and learning music an absolute pleasure.”

Piper Pichette

“GCC has succeeded in becoming a second home away from home for me.”

Ashton Lutenegger

“Being at GCC quickly taught me what it means to be a full-on musician.”

Nathan Weigang

“The GCC Music Department takes a unique view of music education.”

Alexander Ayala-Palacin

“At GCC your work will get acknowledged and you will grow.”

Will Byler

“It’s hard to imagine that any other music department anywhere could have been such a good match for me.”