Facilities & resources

Classes and rehearsals are mainly taught in our large classroom equipped with PA system, drum kits, keyboards, hand-drums, and a Steinway B.  We have a recording room, music technology lab rooms, a shared Mac lab (with the Art Department), and practice rooms.  Concerts are usually performed in the Sloan Theatre or the new Dining Commons area in the core.

GCC has five practice rooms with Yamaha upright pianos.  When lessons are not being taught in a room (schedule posted on the door each semester), the rooms are available for students to use on first come-first serve basis.  Three of the rooms are big enough for small group rehearsal, as well.

GCC has two Music Technology Lab Rooms, each equipped with two large iMacs running Pro Tools and Finale notation software.  These rooms are available to students in relevant classes to use on first come-first serve basis.

The Recording Room is available via scheduling with department work-study student for students enrolled in an Audio Production course.

Students have access to 6 Yamaha upright pianos less than ten years old, two grand pianos, three drum kits, conga and ashiko hand-drums, a west-African balaphon, a variety of keyboards, 15 computers running Pro Tools recording software and Finale notation software, recording equipment including PT digital mixer and condenser microphones, a full PA system, and a variety of guitar and bass amplifiers.