Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Accounts payable

The accounts payable staff is here to assist the College community with questions regarding payment processing, travel, account balances and vendor history.

All purchases should be made through the purchasing department.  Invoices should be date stamped by the department when received on campus and invoiced purchase orders are forwarded by the purchasing office to accounts payable for processing.

Reimbursements should be submitted for payment on a direct payment voucher.  The form should be completed in full with appropriate department head or dean approval.  Original receipts should accompany the payment voucher and be sent to the accounts payable accountant. See the forms section of this web site to download a direct payment voucher.

Whenever traveling for GCC a yellow Greenfield Community College travel authorization form should be completed and signed by the appropriate department head or dean.  The College president must sign all out-of-state travel authorizations. The travel authorization should include all anticipated reimbursable expenses related to that trip.  If conference fees or hotel deposits are required ahead of the trip, than the original travel authorization should be attached to the paperwork that is requesting payment of those expenses.   Once the trip has occurred a copy of the form can be submitted along with a blue state travel expense voucher (obtained in the Business Office) and actual receipts for payment.  See the forms section of this web site to download travel authorizations and travel expense vouchers.


  • Karen Phillips, Comptroller, ext 1305
  • Jim Connelly, Accounts Payable Accountant (Trust and grants), ext 1304