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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an official transcript?

In order for us to send out an official transcript we need to know student information (e.g. name, student id) and where to send the transcript. We must also have the written signature of the student. Each student is entitled to one free official transcript from GCC, after that each transcript is $2.00. This is one free per student, not one free per transcript request. When specifying the address for sending the transcript include complete information, including zip code and the office that it should be sent to, not just a street address to ensure timely delivery to the recipient.

Example: Univ of XYZ; Admissions Office; 100 main St., Anytown, MA 01301.

We request three days lead time for transcripts. Generally they go out sooner but during busy times in the office it may be up to three days from when the request arrives in our office to when it goes out. When considering a recipient’s deadline keep the three days plus mailing time in mind to make sure that you submit your request in time to meet any deadline.

A transcript request form is available from our forms page. The form can be submitted via mail, fax or may be scanned and emailed to parker@gcc.mass.edu. The mailing address and fax number are available on the same web page as the transcript request form.

Official transcripts can only be mailed to recipients, they cannot be faxed.

I need to drop a class, what do I need to do?

If you have been given a registration PIN from your advisor, you can drop a class using your MyGCC account through the end of the 100% refund period (check the academic calendar for dates). If you do not have a PIN, see your advisor or the Advising Center about submitting a drop/add form. Forms can be picked up in Enrollment Services, C103, or download from our forms page. The forms can be dropped off in room C103 or mailed to the Registrar’s Office.

If you want to drop all of your classes for a semester, including summer, you must submit a “Request for Withdrawal from all Classes” form. This form can also be picked up in Enrollment Services, C103, or downloaded from our forms page.

I need to add a class, what do I need to do?

If you have been given a registration PIN from your advisor, you can add a class using your MyGCC account through the end of the add period (check the academic calendar for dates). If you do not have a PIN, see your advisor or the Advising Center about submitting a drop/add form. Forms can be picked up in Enrollment Services, C103, or download from our forms page. The forms can be dropped off in room C103 or mailed to the Registrar’s Office.

I repeated a class, why does the old class still show on my transcript?

When you repeat a class, the original class still shows on your transcript with the grade that you received. It does not count in your GPA. The grade for the latest taking of the class is what will be counted into your GPA, even if it is lower than the previous attempt at the class.

I am ready to graduate, is there anything I need to do?

Yes, you must apply for graduation. Students are graduated three times a year: September, January and May/June. Each graduation period has an application deadline. Check the academic calendar for deadlines. Graduation applications are available either in Enrollment Services, C103, or from our forms page.

When you apply to graduate you will indicate if you are planning on participating in the Commencement ceremony in May. If so, you must also specify your cap and gown size. There is a mandatory commencement rehearsal for those who are participating in graduation. Further instructions are sent out several weeks before commencement with details about the ceremony itself.

If you participate in the Commencement ceremony, your diploma will be given out that day. If you are a September or January graduate and not participating in the May/June ceremony your diploma will be mailed to you within approximately six weeks of the graduation date. If you are graduating in May/June but not participating in Commencement, you can pick up your diploma at the Registrar’s Office during the two weeks following commencement or wait for it to be mailed. Make sure that the address that we have for you is a current address where you will still be receiving mail after graduation.


When is graduation?

The graduation ceremony (Commencement) is held once per year, generally the last weekend in May or the first weekend in June. Check the academic calendar or the Commencement website for the exact date and times. Each year’s Commencement covers three graduation dates—the previous September and January as well as the current spring semester. In order to participate you must apply for graduation and have met all graduation requirements before the graduation date. Information about graduation will be published on the GCC website in late spring. Detailed information will be mailed to all graduates who have indicated that they are participating in Commencement a few weeks before the ceremony date as well.

How do I get a written verification that shows I am enrolled in classes?

Enrollment verifications maybe requested using the “Verification of Enrollment” form found on our forms page. You can mail or fax it to our office, or scan the completed form and email it to parker@gcc.mass.edu. You can also drop it off in Enrollment Services, C103. There is no charge for enrollment verifications. Be sure to sign the request form!

If you have a form that must be filled out and included with the verification, you must drop it off or mail it to us with the verification request. Be sure to fill out and sign the form per the instructions on the form.

What classes are you offering? I’m looking for a specific class, when will you be offering it?

The most up to date information is found in the class listing available on the GCC website. Class listings are generally posted about two weeks before the start of registration for each semester. For a listing of all courses that GCC offers, download or browse our course catalog. Note that not all courses listed in the course catalog are offered each semester.

How do I know the deadline for dropping a class or withdrawing with a “W”?

For classes that meet for the entire semester, consult the academic calendar. For all others either call the Registrar’s office, 413-775-1807, send an email to parker@gcc.mass.edu or stop by Enrollment Services, C103. For classes that are not meeting for the full standard term, check the Registrar’s website for non-standard class deadlines.

Will I get a refund if I drop or withdraw from my class(es)?

Refunds are based on the date of a drop or withdrawal. All classes have a 100% refund time and a 75% refund period. Consult the Student Billing (Bursar’s) website for more information.

I took classes at another college, how do I get credit for those classes?

The first step is to have an official transcript sent from your previous college to GCC using the address below:

Greenfield Community College
One College Dr.
Greenfield, MA 01301

“ATTENTION: Admissions” if you are an incoming student and “ATTENTION: Registrar” if you are currently taking classes at GCC.

Our transfer credit evaluator will determine what classes will transfer based on your current major. Your transfer credit will then be added to your GCC record and will show on your transcript. You can check your transcript in your MyGCC.

If your credits are not showing, contact the Registrar’s Office. It may be we did not receive your transcript or that not all your classes transferred as equivalent GCC classes. If you have changed your major, a new evaluation may be needed. Please consult the academic catalog for more information on the transfer credit evaluation criteria.

How do I request a medical withdrawal?

If a student is requesting an exception to policy based upon medical reasons, a medical withdrawal request must first be submitted, along with medical documentation, directly to Elaine Lapomardo, Dean of Enrollment Services. Either a note (from a doctor, therapist, psychologist, e.g.) on the provider’s letterhead stationery, or a completed Provider Information Form must accompany medical withdrawal requests. All required forms are available from the Registrar’s Office. Please call Elaine Lapomardo for further guidance on medical withdrawals at 413-775-1804.

If a medical withdrawal is approved, the Dean of Enrollment Services will notify the Registrar. That documentation, along with the original request, will become a part of the student’s record.

After a medical withdrawal has been approved, an appeal can be filed requesting an exception to GCC refund policy. A medical withdrawal does not guarantee a reduction of charges, but is one criterion considered during review of the appeal. When writing to the Bursar, the student should indicate that a medical withdrawal has already been approved by the Dean of Enrollment Services. The student should not include medical documentation when filing an appeal to the Bursar.

Download a Request for Medical Withdrawal Form