Recent Surveys and Assessments

Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) – GCC participates in the VFA data collection cycle which allows for benchmarking in a number of areas including developmental completion, two-year outcomes, and six-year outcomes.

Student Technology Questionnaire  –   Aimed at new students in fall 2017, this short questionnaire asked about technology access and preferences. Results influenced the creation of GCC’s technology lending program.

Wisconsin HOPE Lab Survey 2018  –   Participation in a national study about the extent to which our students and students across the country face food and housing insecurity.  

Alumni Survey 2018  –  In spring 2018, the Planning and Evaluation Management Committee conducted a survey of all alumni. One of the main goals of this survey was to ask about the skills and knowledge areas that former students found most valuable in their careers and post-GCC education.

Graduating Student Survey 2018   –   This survey of graduating students was designed to gather feedback about the GCC experience. It included questions about the challenges they faced, the services that supported their success, and their preparation in key learning outcomes and skill areas.