STEM Summer Academy at GCC provides a FREE STEM course, activities, and advising to current and new STEM Majors.

The STEM Summer Academy at GCC 2023

This summer, SSA is funding free spaces in 9 summer courses for STEM majors.

Please see course listings and applicable majors below. Some of these courses are reserved entirely for STEM majors and others are a mixture of grant-funded seats for STEM majors and non-funded seats for other majors

Summer I — May 23-July 12

Code Title Credits STEM Seats 
ENG 116-13 English Composition II: Analysis of Literature & Film 3 20
MAT 107- 13 College Algebra 4 10
AGR 109-13 Organic Gardening 1 8

Summer II — July 14-August 31

Code Title Credits STEM Seats 
MAT 096- 13 Intermediate Algebra 4 10
MAT 108- 13 Precalculus 4 10
CSC 101- 13 Programming Fundamentals 4 10
AGR 112-13 Food Preservation and Storage 1 8
PSY 101- 13 Principles of Psychology 3 20
BIO 126- 13 Biology I 4 20

Eligible STEM Majors:

Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHE), Computer Science (CSC), Engineering Science (EGS), Health Science (LAH), Environmental Conservation (LEN1), Farm and Food Systems (LFF), Mathematics (LMA), Plant and Soil Science (LPL), Pre-nursing (NUC), Nursing (NUR), Practical Nursing (PNC), Science of Earth and the Environment (SEE)


  • All SSA courses require a Grant Coordinator override to enroll. Any student who wants to register for an SSA course - even if they want a non-funded/non-STEM major seat - must follow this registration process.
  • The process this year is different from previous years, so please read carefully: To register for an SSA course a student must email from their GCC email address once registration has opened on Thursday, April 6th. If they email before that date, they will receive an automatic reply telling them to email again once registration is open- we cannot reserve seats before registration opens.
  • Once the student emails their request, they will receive a link to a form to record their information and request (they do not need to send all of their information in the original email as in previous years).
  • Advisors cannot fill out the form for a student- students must do this themselves.
  • Students can take one funded course per semester- we cannot fund more than one course in a semester, but we can register them for one funded and one unfunded SSA course.
  • Students must have their prerequisites in order (and overridden if necessary) before sending the request email. All seats in these courses are first-come, first-served: no seats can be reserved while waiting for documents.
  • Students will receive a confirmation email when they have been registered. This is not an automated process, so please expect to wait 2-3 business days for this process.
  • If there are no more grant-funded seats available, the coordinator will reach out to the student to inquire if they would like to register for a non-funded seat (if available) or join a waitlist.

Billing process for grant-funded seats:

If the student is a STEM major and there are funded seats available, the bursar will process the grant waiver after the add/drop period (the first week of the course). If they receive a bill before that date they should ignore it- if they accidentally pay the bill they will be refunded by the bursar (which can take a couple of weeks).

Please contact the SSA Team with any questions about this process at: .