Welcome to the Academic Testing Center!

This is where we conduct academic testing—placement testing, currency/challenge testing, high school equivalency testing (HiSET and GED), make-up tests and tests with accommodations for GCC classes.

We are currently open for in-person testing and remote testing for some tests. Appointments for testing are required. Remote testing is available for  Placement Testing (English and Math) and Currency testing for BIO 126, BIO 194, BIO 215, BIO 216, BIO 205, NUR 101, MOM110 and CIS 140. Please submit a request for an appointment.

HiSET and GED testing is happening in person at GCC and remotely.

ATI - TEAS testing is happening remotely

As soon as things change we will update this website! You can still contact us by phone and email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What we offer

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  • Multiple Measures of Placement into English and Mathematics Courses
  • High School Equivalency Assessment (HiSET and GED) - High School Equivalency Test - for students who would like to earn an equivalent high school certificate
    • Each year we hold a Graduation Ceremony for everyone earned their High School Equivalency Credential. For more information and a video of the ceremony: HSE Graduation
    • Students who have earned an HSE Credential and enroll at GCC are eligible to apply for Donovan Memorial Scholarships
  • Currency - These tests are for students who have taken certain college courses previously, but the credits have expired.
  • Challenge - These tests are for students whose life experience may qualify them for college credits.
  • Health occupations - The TEAS tests for potential nursing program (LPN and ADN) applicants.
  • Make-up tests and tests with Disability Accommodations for current GCC students. These are for students who miss an important exam or have an Accommodation Agreement allowing them to test in the testing Center.
  • Distance learning - for both GCC and students from other colleges who require proctored testing for their distance learning courses

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to accurately assess the skill levels of incoming students, High School Equivalency candidates and other testers by providing a calm and inviting atmosphere in which students can relax and focus on their tests with minimal stress and distractions. We strive not only to provide the best possible testing environment but also to advise students about their test results with tact and compassion.