Welcome to the Advising Center

Virtual Drop-In Advising • Monday-Thursday 12-4pm*

New & Returning Students

All new and returning students start at the Advising Center. You are a new student if you have never taken classes at GCC before. You are a returning student if you have taken classes at GCC before but have been away for at least one semester. We will help you determine your course placement and next steps. You only need 20-30 minutes for this initial conversation! Some students may need to take placement tests. Others will be ready to register. Either way, the advisor you talk to will get you to the appropriate next step!

When new students are ready to register they will be scheduled an appointment with an advisor knowledgeable about their degree or certificate program. These appointments typically take 30 minutes to an hour.

Current Students

Advisors can help you register and make changes to your course schedule, complete a degree audit, make an academic plan, discuss long-term goals, and check-in if you have questions or concerns about your semester.

All students are assigned to a faculty or staff advisor based on their major. You can find your advisor by logging in to your MyGCC account. Non-matriculated students (meaning students who are not enrolled in a degree or certificate program but are taking GCC classes) are all advised by the Advising Center.

Start by contacting your assigned advisor. If you are unable to connect with them or still need help after meeting with them, any student can contact the Advising Center. The best way to make an appointment is by calling (413) 775-1339 or by filling out an Appointment Request Form.

Any student can send advising questions or concerns to  advising@gcc.mass.edu. Depending on the extent of the issue, you may be asked to make an appointment.

General & Specialized Advising Contacts

New students & Non-matriculated students

All new students start at the Advising Center. Our staff advisors will help you We will help you determine your course placement and get you to your next step.

Non-matriculated students (meaning students who are not enrolled in a degree or certificate program but are taking GCC classes) are all advised by the Advising Center.

Appointment Request Form
(413) 775-1339

Art Students enrolled in one of our art programs
Paul Lindale  lindale@gcc.mass.edu  (413) 775-1241
Business Students enrolled in a Business & Information Technology Department program
Jeff Galbraith  galbraith@gcc.mass.edu  (413) 775-1483
Dual Enrollment High school students enrolled in college classes
Tamatha Gaumnitz (Early Transition Program & Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual High School)
gaumnitzt@gcc.mass.edu (413) 775-1846
Peggy Fallon (all other high schools)   fallonp@gcc.mass.edu  (413) 775-1398
Engineering Students enrolled in our Associate in Science in Engineering
Ted Johnson  johnsont@gcc.mass.edu  (413) 775-1429
ESOL Students for whom English is a second or other language
Jessica Wiltz  wiltzj@gcc.mass.edu  (413) 775-1863
Health Occupations Students in our Health Science program
Alicia Ferreira ferreiraa@gcc.mass.edu (413) 244-8370
For questions about applying to our Nursing or LPN programs
Laura Earl  earl@gcc.mass.edu  (413) 775-1816
Music Students enrolled in our music option
Matthew Shippee  shippeem@gcc.mass.edu  (413) 775-1228
Sustainability Students in Environmental Conservation, Farm and Food Systems or Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency
Natalie Feliciano  felicianon@gcc.mass.edu

Students planning to transfer to a four-year degree program
Shane Clark  transfer@gcc.mass.edu (413) 775-1207