About the President

Dr. Richard R. Hopper brings strong experience with rural community college administration, having served as President of Kennebec Valley Community College for nearly nine years. Prior to that he was known for his 15 years in various senior positions as an education specialist at the World Bank and as a Fulbright scholar. He also currently sits on the Commission on Economic and Workforce Development for the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) in Washington, DC, which aligns with GCC’s mission statement and will help inform the implementation of its strategic plan. The Commission’s members examine ways to close the American skills gaps by sharply focusing education on preparing students with the knowledge and skills required for existing and future jobs in regional and global economies; showcase cutting-edge innovation with proven outcomes that improve student success; and offer affordable, high quality technical assistance in areas that support student success.

Message from Dr. Hopper

“Greenfield Community College (GCC) provides high-quality education so that graduates acquire the skills necessary to secure a satisfying profession, engage successfully in further study, or simply find joy in learning. Your focus on students is vital to the Pioneer Valley and teamwork is essential to ensuring our objectives.  Thank you for committing yourselves to our important mission.

“Classes and support services at GCC are designed to help students meet their academic, professional, and personal goals. This focus on students means that GCC is an ideal place for all types of people – those starting college directly from high school or those entering college after many years away from an academic setting. Our student body comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether traditional students, single mothers, war veterans, disabled students, unemployed adults, or folks simply wanting a change or enrichment in their lives. The range of student, faculty, and staff experiences brings a powerful depth to the campus culture and classroom dynamic; l am grateful for all that each of you brings to GCC.

“At the heart of GCC is a message of inclusion.  As a newcomer, I have been made very welcome here and I want everyone affiliated with the college to feel that same sense of openness, warmth, and belonging every day.

“We are on an extraordinary journey together through the pandemic as we do our best to safely expand in-person learning for the Academic Year 2021-2022.  We are living a moment in history that is changing us in many ways, but it is also strengthening who we are.  It is our responsibility and our collective task—whether remote, in-person, or hybrid—to make the education and support services we offer the most effective, efficient, and accessible that they can be for our entire community.

I look forward to working with you all as we continue to ensure lifelong learning for everyone in Franklin County, the Pioneer Valley, and beyond.”