Computer Science

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Provides a base of liberal arts, mathematics, sciences, and computer courses to prepare a student for transfer to a Bachelor of Science degree program in Computer Science.
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Student learning outcomes

Students completing a course of study in this program will be able to:

What’s next

Transfer to a Baccalaureate program in Computer Science.

By taking classes in a Liberal Arts option, students complete courses that help develop 100 and 200 course level knowledge and skills in a particular field. If you don’t satisfy the requirements of a specific Liberal Arts option, you may still be able to fulfill the requirements of another option, or fulfill the requirements of the Liberal Arts General degree. Students are advised to work closely with their GCC advisor to select the specific courses that will help meet their career or transfer goals. Note: Students who complete a Liberal Arts option will graduate with the degree “Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts.” Your area of concentration is reflected only in your transcript, not your diploma.

The Computer Science program has associated certificates that can “stack” into the degree. Depending on course selection, if you’re enrolled in this program you can earn one of the following certificates halfway through completing your degree:

These programs are a great way to increase your earning power and job potential with a marketable career certificate while you’re still working toward your degree. Work closely with your advisor to make sure you choose the right classes!

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