Academic Awards & Honors

Commencement Awards

The following academic awards are given annually at Commencement to recognize students with outstanding academic achievement.
  • Accounting Award — for excellence in accounting
  • Art Department “Medici” Award — awarding a tool that can be used to earn a living and to build a dream
  • Business Information Technology Award — for academic excellence
  • Criminal Justice Award — recognizing outstanding achievement in criminal justice
  • Dance Award
  • Drama Award
  • Early Childhood Education Award — for excellence in the care and education of young children
  • English Award — recognizing excellence in English
  • Charles Green Award — for leadership in co-curricular activities and development of the college community
  • International Student Scholastic Achievement Award — given to students who have risen above the language and cultural differences to join the College community and to complete their programs of study successfully
  • Liberal Arts Award — based on cumulative grade average, completion of the greatest portion of one's studies at GCC, and the breadth and variety of involvement with the liberal arts
  • Music Department Award — recognizing excellence in music
  • Donald Oberacker Award — for a graduate who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and commitment to the study of science
  • Social Sciences Award — recognizing outstanding academic achievement

Graduation with Honors

To graduate with honors students must have completed at least thirty credit hours of course work at Greenfield Community College and have maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5. These students are noted in our annual Commencement program.