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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Performing Arts

Our Music Department takes a holistic approach to music education that builds bridges between the campus and the community; finds creative ways of connecting with students and sharing the learning process; inspires students to become better musicians; prepares students to pursue professions in recording, music production, teaching, and performance.

Our Dance Department offers all interested students and members of the larger community opportunities to study, practice, create, perform, and enjoy diverse forms of dance, while enabling dance major students to gain the required competencies and complete the necessary courses to transfer seamlessly into a BA or BFA dance degree program.

Our Liberal Arts/Theater Option provides a strong foundation in the basic disciplines involved in the world of contemporary theatre as well as a broad range of liberal arts studies. The curriculum includes studio, performance, production and academic work. Future careers may include acting, directing, writing or design for theatre, film or television, professional production stage crew, theatre education, theatre business and arts management.