The Art Department offers three programs:

Students completing a program of study in art will:

  • Work hard, in depth, and take risks in relation to new concepts, content, techniques, and processes
  • Produce a strong thematic body of work
  • Be able to extend investigative work on projects over a period of time
  • Display growth in the understanding of the visual language, issues, and concepts
  • Develop competence in the manipulation of materials and media (craft)
  • Be able to discuss their own work and the work of others within the context of art discourse and visual literacy
  • Develop a critical way of seeing, understanding, and interpreting space
  • Understand the place and role of the artist in society and culture
  • Develop a level of critical thinking that will enable them to continue to develop their ideas
  • Develop a level of independence and self-motivation to continue working outside of the academic environment

The level to which students develop in these areas will be determined by the art program they complete and their individual commitment to that program of study.

Programs including study in the Liberal Arts (Visual Arts and Visual Arts MassTransfer Option) provide students with a set of experiences designed to strengthen their general education abilities.

Which program is right for you?

While the MassTransfer Option is primarily designed for transfer to UMass and other state universities, the regular Visual Arts degree program is designed to transfer to any art school across the country. Schools we frequently transfer students to are listed on our Transfer Options page.

Students seeking transfer into architecture, design, fashion, and illustration programs at MassArt and other schools will be best served by the Visual Arts Certificate and transferring as sophomores. It is critical students research the degree requirements at schools to which they are planning to apply.