The Art Department at GCC recognizes the inherent power of the visual image as a critical reflection of our culture, and that art encompasses all media and all forms of creative expression.

Our programs embody this philosophy and provide our students with a strong, progressive visual arts foundation combining the traditions of the past with a contemporary arts practice. Throughout their time at GCC, art students build on this foundation through the exploration of various media, such as computer arts, drawing, painting, photography and video. Beyond the studio experience, art students also take general elective and art history courses. Our art students work closely with art faculty advisors to help align their course of study with their transfer and career goals.

Our Programs

Choosing a Program

While the MassTransfer option (AVC) is primarily designed for transfer to UMass and other state universities, the Visual Arts degree program (AVA) is designed to transfer to any art school across the country. The Certificate in Visual Arts (VAC) satisfies the requirements of the first year/freshman foundation at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, as well as most art schools. This certificate can also be completed within the open electives of the Liberal Art degree at GCC, for those interested in art education, art therapy or a minor concentration in visual art. Your art faculty advisor will help you figure out which program best aligns with your goals.