Moving forward!

Welcome to the blog for the Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College.  This blog is dedicated to updating the friends, supporters, and family members of OLP students on the ins and outs of the program.  To date the OLP has had a very busy Fall semester and the students have worked hard.  Next week they will be concluding the semester with several days of classroom and field assessments.  The program is competency-based and students will need to demonstrate their technical skills as well as teaching and group management abilities.  Students will rotate through 15 stations designed to cover the core content from the semester.  They will need to present content from rock climbing, challenge course, canoeing, wilderness navigation, and hazardous terrain travel and rescue among others.  They will also be assessed on adventure education concepts and client care.  The assessments and resulting feedback help the students to identify their strengths and streaches and to give them an accurate picture of current competencies.  Next semester they will be working toward national instructor certifications in these outdoor pursuits.