It looks like a game and feels like a game, but is not just a game!

Last week the OLP students spent the week working on developing their understanding of challenge course programming while playing new games, challenging field initiatives, and on constructed elements.  The students were fully engaged, had a blast, and were a blast to watch (thank you very much)!  The students spent much of their time presenting activities and getting feed back on presentation style while also learning about the core concepts of Adventure Education.  Challenge by Choice, Full Value Commitment, the Adventure Wave, Experiential Education Cycle, Learning Style Inventories, and the Adventure Paradigm were all discussed.  This group has a solid understanding of how these concepts relate to all of the programming they will encounter in our field.  Great work this week.

This week they will put their knowledge and skills to work as they plan and implement programming for two off campus groups while on the challenge course and canoeing.  Good Luck everyone!