Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Mission & philosophy

Our mission is to train skilled, field-proven leaders for entry level careers in the outdoor adventure industry. These leaders are sensitive to and respectful of the diverse people they work with and the environments and cultures in which they travel. The OLP’s specific program areas are based on current industry trends in human powered outdoor travel.

Our educational philosophy is to support a learning environment that:

  • balances theoretical and experience-based education for a variety of learning styles;
  • confers national certifications and thorough individualized professional feedback
  • promotes an understanding of and stewardship for our natural environment through minimum impact practices;
  • holds as paramount a commitment to emotional and physical safety of our students while embracing the inherent risk of adventure programming;
  • nurtures a socially conscious environment that respects all members of our community while encouraging a free exchange of ideas and philosophies;
  • encourages excitement, passion and personal satisfaction intrinsic in self-directed education;
  • offers quality teaching experiences to help develop critical thinking skills and sound judgment.

OLP supports the Vision, Mission and Principles of Learning at Greenfield Community College. The Outdoor Leadership Program faculty and staff are committed to being leaders within our community college environment in meeting our collective vision to “strengthen our community one student at a time. We understand our role and responsibilities, as a college in the global community, to create a better world for all.”

We strive at OLP to meet GCC’s mission in every aspect of our work and our lives—teaching and learning together:

  • We teach and learn in a supportive, intimate community focused environment – we believe in knowing our students and we strive to build strong relationships with every student
  • We coach and challenge every student, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to reach their individual and group highest potential – we don’t allow students to fail
  • We embrace differences as part of our rich community fabric that enhances opportunities for personal and leadership development
  • We provide service to GCC and the community at large through our fieldwork programs
  • We stay current with industry trends and standards and serve our professional organizations as representatives of GCC

We are passionate about teaching and learning together!